Sunday, May 3, 2015

spring 2015

As usual, we have had a busy spring. I am loving this age with Mary Van and am so glad she is able to get out and participate in events now. So much fun!
Working for a country club, Masters Week kinda rules my spring. I will say, at my new club, I may work longer days but I work much fewer days in a row. It was a great first year and went very well! I only work Tues-Fri with my new club and I am loving the shorter week and extra day with my girl!
Now, on to the pictures!
mv with her lamb ears i bought her for easter.
she tolerated them much better this day than on easter
we were able to get out before masters for an adult night with the doziers and collins' at the exchange club event. the entertainment was lacking but it was great to see everyone.
aunt megan and uncle adi came for a visit!
my cousins traci and karla and aunt dianne came for a visit with traci's daughter skylar
we went to thomson and mv got to ride in the backpack again
this child loves bear now. sweet cuddles and kisses all the time.
hard to tell here but since she has started walking, she is constantly getting knots on her head
sweet picture with the bunny. i didn't know these were happening so she was not dressed appropriately. thank goodness this semi-spring outfit in her bag at daycare.
crazy hair and lots of it
brad and i went to cucina 503 last week on a date. it was delicious. i am so excited to have an independent restaurant in the neighborhood. b had the pasta carbonara (sans egg, which just made it pasta with bacon, cheese and peas - ha) and i had the gnocchi rustica with a short rib ragu and herb ricotta. the diseno malbec was delicious. and the empty plate was the fried cheese curds (fresh buffalo mozzarella).
mv watching daddy blow the bubbles from her school easter basket. we went to thomson for the weekend. easter led into masters and we thought we were going to rent our house so we weren't prepared for church. plus, mv eats and naps starting at 11:00. i am hoping to be able to push that back some days so we can start taking her to church. maybe if she ever sleeps late? haha.
opening the bubbles
the pecan bacon bars i made for dessert. delish!
recipe here
we took mv outside later that day to blow bubbles and find eggs. she was not a fan of the grass!
she had been having blowouts for a few days so i left her clothes-less. turns out she had a virus! so, i was a little sick for the monday of masters week. bb came to the rescue and kept her on tuesday but then got sick herself. ugh.
don't make me put my feet down. we are getting our yard sodded this week so she better get used to running around barefoot. she's too much of a city girl. :)
the best i could do with the lamb ears on easter sunday
enjoying a snack on the back porch. can't wait to spend our summer out here!
hello? hello?
mv thinks daddy's mouse is a telephone


sweet girl; all smiles with her new kicks
helping pick out a cookbook (don't you love the denim jumper?)
mv is always doing downward dog. we decided to balance the rings on her butt one day and she kept coming back for more. too funny.
she could play with this bar caddy at nana and papa's bar all day. maybe she will be a mixologist!
splashing in the milk she spilled - fun
bath mohawk
since i have mondays off, we have started swimming lessons! she absolutely loves it! the plan is to do it for a month and then work with her here at our pool. i really want her comfortable out there. she was holding her breath and putting her ears under while on her back. so proud!
we went for a nature walk one sunday when the weather was nice. the creek in our backyard. we plan to clear out a little area back there for a tent, fire and maybe some chairs. i expect she will have so much fun for years to come down here.
there are even a few waterfalls in the creek. that sound is so tranquil
we took the ranger down to the river. can't wait to get the boat in this year.
talk about peaceful. it is so quiet and calm here.
we walked down to the river too. styling.
turkey tracks on our creek bed
we went to tin lizzy's last week for papa's birthday. as expected, mv tore through her quesadilla and veggie rice. still working on the fork skills.
in the swing with papa
happy birthday papa!
we went to the park on a pretty saturday for the first time. this was at the end; she did not want to leave!
sliding (her shoes kept getting caught so we held them up before just taking them off)
on the see saw
my favorite
on the airplane
i want to stay
her hair is getting so long and she takes out any clips i put in it. so daycare started with the pebbles hairdo and it works. well, unless she is in my car, gets bored and can see herself in the mirror. then she takes the band out and tries to eat it.
my first pig tails!
eating outside at poblanos last weekend
this child loves black beans
serious face
loving on sully
and kisses
here, use this cutting board, mama
trying on shoes for the first time. until she needed them for daycare, i didn't buy them because she wasn't walking yet
so frat-tastic (new balance, keds, converse and sperry). she got the new balances just like her daddy
trying out her new kicks
we were able to sneak away on a saturday for a night out with trey and michele. moscow mule
and sushi at tako sushi
and mv had her first waffle house experience. she loved the toast and eggs. not so sure about the hashbrowns. that will change, i am sure. :)
Celebrating sweet Maggie's birthday with Kate
With Tensley
All ready for swimming lessons
This sweet face.
and the videos........
hula-hooping at the bowens
trying to catch the water
trying to walk
getting stronger!
airplane ride
walking on her own
birthday cake!
singing happy birthday
birthday papparazi
backpack giggles
feeding herself, left-handed
i'd probably couldn't do any better
feeding herself, right-handed
'all done'

our little mexican jumping bean


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