Monday, May 23, 2016

Spring 2016

It's been awhile and, somehow, I think it will be awhile until the next post. Ha.

This girl can count to ten in English and Spanish and knows her alphabet. Her vocabulary grows daily. Here she is saying 'I 2!'
We spent a lot of our winter in the dr's office. After a visit with the pediatric pulmonologist, she diagnosed reactive airway disease. Basically, MV has asthma. The hope is she will grow out of it. It doesn't slow her down any!
Chips to-go after a night of Mexican with the girls.
Wearing Pap's hat
'Daddy, daddy. Goats!' We have a lot of deer in the yard. She has their name right now. :)
In February, we celebrated Baby Filipovic and Baby Worth. Brad's aunt Ellie, cousin Jodi and her daughter johni came down since they missed MV's party in January due to weather. Such a great time with family!
Playing with papa
Comparing bumps. Megan's three weeks ahead of me
Horse ride with pap
How cute is the fur vest?
Reading with pap
Mary van loves to go throw rocks in the river
Sometimes it gets messy
She loves uncle Levi!
On a trip to lowe's preparing our house for masters rental. Yes, we are crazy.
Mama's shoes
Sometime in March...
She's turning into such a ham
On the way to bb and Pap's
Loves to color!
She would not take a picture with the live bunny at school. Good thing we were taking professional pictures later that day. Here are some screen shots of the Dubose photography shots. It was so hard to pick one!

She has discovered pockets!
Big girl bed! She loves it.
We are also making progress on the potty. Would love to conquer this by the time worth arrives but time is getting away from us.
She has never been much of a smuggler but has started to be. Right in time for her little brother to arrive. :(
Hanging with papa


St Patrick's day
We went to Athens to celebrate uncle Levi's PhD completion. So proud of him and all his hard work!
Love and miss this place.
With mema and uncle Levi
Pigtails with papa
Sliding. This will go in the pool this summer!
Cruising in papa's ride
Cookout with the crew. Lakeside class of 2031!
Celebrating papa's birthday
A shower for baby worth! So thankful for all of these people!
Low country boil for Mother's Day. Yum.
Watching the golfers in west lake!
She has discovered sunglasses and loves them.
Daddy taught her 'I cool, dude!'
First pool day of 2016. Trying to get some time in before worth arrives and I have to take a break. MV picked up where she left off!

Hugging baby worth
One cool chick
A little Sunday afternoon reading with Minnie

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