Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 2016

Aside from MV, we also celebrate Mama, Nana, BB and Pap's birthdays in January!
Brad and I had a lunch date one weekend and did some shopping.  Fun for the whole family.  Ha.  On my actual birthday, I was able to eat a cupcake for dinner without getting sick.  It's the little things.  :)
MV went to Thomson on our birthday weekend to stay with BB and Pap. We had lunch there on Sunday to celebrate.
Here I am at 19 weeks.
And 20 weeks
With MV at 20 weeks. I lost so much weight with her, you could hardly tell I was pregnant at this point. Crazy!
We had Nana and Papa over for Nana's birthday. MV played ring around the rosey.
and all her birthday wishes!
singing happy birthday in the car one morning.  poor thing thinks every day is someone's birthday now.  Haha.
saying thank you after opening a gift from my cousin

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