Monday, April 5, 2010

EMo and Baze

Two weekends ago, we returned to Charleston for my friend Elizabeth's wedding. She married her long-time boyfriend, Basil Theologus. AKA Baze.

Lovely reception shoes. She had to get out of thsoe blue heels. : )
Haskins doing the running man. I think...

Nicole and Sarah with Michael Baumuller (AKA Bam Bam).

Lindsay and (John) Haskins with Chris and Jayne.

With Lindsay and Katie.

Katie with Chris.

Haskins with Candice. She was the best MOH ever. : )

With the lovely bride! Miss you girl!!

With Amanda at dinner. We had yummy pork chops, fried chicken, macaroni,
mashed potatos and sauteed veggies.

With Jack and Katie.

The bride with Jack and Katie.

Jack dancing with the bride.

The reception was at the Rice Mill house right in the marina on the harbor.
Amazing views!!

With Chris.
Happy couple amid bubbles as they left.

Chris and Baumuller.

Chris voguing it.

The happy couple hugging it out!

What's so funny Bam Bam??

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