Thursday, April 15, 2010

Masters Week

Well, I worked a LOT last week. Only one really long day but tomorrow will my 19th day in a row. So, I am super ready for this weekend!!

I had to miss our annual traditions of dinner at FMG and the horseshoe party. I won't make that same mistake next year...

I did get to head to the tournament on Sunday so that was a nice break. We sat on the fairway at 6 most of the time. I love it there! We got to see two holes-in-one on 16 and all five of the top pairings come through on 6. We left around 4 to watch the finale at home. More comfortable, easier to see and follow that way. We bumped into a lot of friends - from college, Kiawah and Augusta. Good times as always!!

This weekend, our peeps are hosting a 'fiesta' couples shower for us. I am so excited! I have a cute maxi dress to wear and am looking forward to the margaritas and visiting!

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