Monday, April 5, 2010

Have you ever been to the Masters?

Whenever you tell anyone outside of Georgia you are from or live in Augusta, the first thing they ask is 'Oh, have you ever been to the Masters?' To say this is the biggest week of the year here is a huge understatement. It is a ton of fun!! Everybody comes back into town and there are tons of parties to go to. Also, celebrity sightings are quite common.
This year will be a different one for me. Since I am in the industry, I have to work all week. Which is fine, we have fun here too! However, I may have some late nights and early mornings. I will have to work hard so that I can get off to go to the tourney at some point too. No pain, no gain!

This is one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in town. Brad and I went on Thursday night to kick off the week. It was their 21st birthday!! They have a great porch and are right on Washington Road so they are a main attraction this week.
Here is a shot of all the parking spaces the National offers now. FREE!! They bought all these houses, tore them down and created parking. There are 8200 spaces now. Brad used to live over here after college. Great little area right next to Gate 6.

You know it is almost time for the Masters when these signs get put up.

Here is Gate 6 from Berckman's Road. They made a ton of changes and additions this year. A brand new practice facility is off to the left behind the gate. Can't wait to see it all!

Club Car and EZGo are both headquartered here in Augusta. Another sign of the Masters is these golf carts in front of stores and restaurants.
Gonna be a busy but fun week. Bring it!!

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