Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Locally Grown

Levi gave me this book two years ago and I am sad to say I have just now finished it. It's not that it wasn't enjoyable, I just found myself getting distracted with my fiction library books. It is a little slow starting as he talks about corn A LOT and is very detailed but once I got past that, I flew through it. A great read!
I really enjoyed buying fresh produce in Charleston. There was a farm right ouside of the gates of Kiawah. Augusta is lacking a little in this arena. I have been researching CSAs, co-ops and the like for this area. I just signed up for Locally Grown and can't wait for my first list on Friday!

Of course, other towns have similar markets as well. Augusta's Saturday market opened last weekend and I am hoping to get a chance to go down there this Saturday. It is right on the river so let's hope for nice weather. I promise to share once I have cooked up some of these yummy vittles!

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