Sunday, June 26, 2011


Two weekends ago, we got to celebrate our first anniversary in Antigua.  It was bittersweet as Granny had just passed but it was nice to be in a happy, peaceful place like her and remember and decompress. 

We were at the St James Club and it was fantabulous.  One of the restaurants was not the best but we managed.  It was HOT so we spent most of our time in the water or in the shade. 

I could have stayed here the entire time (4 days) but we did stay at the beach most of the time.  I am not scared to go to the pool at the beach though.  :)

This adult pool was deserted and had great views and breezes.  LOVE...

This is the water on the Atlantic side of the resort.  Absolutely beautiful.  We were here one day but loved our bay beach best and were there most of the time. 

View from our room.

Our bay beach.  It was the best because it was close and very calm and quiet.  Super clear water and lots or fish. 

Before dinner one night.  Yes, I did get all my hair cut off (with bangs!) but doing anything with it down there was pointless.  The humidity here doesn't compare - seriously...

We stayed near the Atl airport before we left and Beth and Ryan were able to run up and have dinner with us so we could visit and meet Harrison.  Poor thing was having a rough night but he is adorable.  We had some great burgers at Brake Pad (highly recommended) and enjoyed the Neals' company!

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