Tuesday, June 7, 2011

anniversary weekend

This past Sunday was our one-year anniversary!!  Can't believe it. 

On Friday, we went to Sheehan's for some yummy food.  I had the catfish louisianne as usual - fantabulous!

On Sunday, we enjoyed our Big Red One bottle of wine!  We had 6 bottles of wine for our guests to sign at the wedding.  The Dom was for our return from the honeymoon and each one after that represented an anniversary year.  I have to say the wine wasn't the best but it was fun to read the well wishes and think back to that (hot) day!

On Saturday, we went to visit Trey and Michele and enjoyed a low-key pizza dinner.  It had been way too long!!!  Brad got to hold his second baby and he did a great job.... 

after Trey and Michele helped him.  :)

Sweet Elizabeth.  Isn't she beautiful?!?  LONG toes!

And this is Hal pal.  He is adorable!  Please check out how little he used to be...

I love this!!  Her blue eyes matched Brad's shirt. 


After dinner, we went to Jay and Beth's to visit with them and Alan and Gayle for a bit.  We have been out of pocket for a while so it was good to catch up with everyone over the last few weeks!

Ok, isn't this the funniest thing?!?  I have been wanting to recreate this picture from college for a long time now.  Man, I have put on some lbs since then huh?  Ugh...

Brad was my date for our spring dance in our freshman year.  It only took him ten years to ask me out!!!!  We've come a long way baby!!!

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