Sunday, June 26, 2011


Last weekend, we traveled to Pennsylvania for Granny's memorial service.  It was a very sad but touching weekend.  We got to visit with a lot of family and friends and share many memories, laughter and tears. 

The family gravesite.  This area is absolutely beautiful and overlooks the whole valley. 

We spent the weekend with Brad's Uncle Ron and Aunt Ellie.  (Aunt Ellie was his mother's cousin.)  Their backyard is the most comfortable place!  Brad and I are hoping to start building our own house in the next year and were taking notes for sure!!

Brad's Dad built this house right next door to Ron and Ellie and this is where Brad grew up.  It was really neat to see the house and all the personal touches Bill (and the rest of the family) added as they built it. 

There are a lot of trails and fields behind the house so they ride quads (four-wheelers down here) a lot!  Of course, Brad has had one on his wish list for a while but I think it just moved up a couple of notches.  Maybe that's why he's so eager to buy some land! 

Ron and Ellie's granddaughter Johnni.  She is a pistol and has her own mini-quad!

Brad's grandparents owned a large development for trailers (not your standard trailer park) and they named one of the roads after Brad.  :)  He did not know that and we got to go by and see it while in town. 

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