Sunday, June 1, 2014


Mary Van's christening was this past Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.  It was a wonderful day full of fellowship, friends and family.  We are members at Trinity on the Hill Methodist.  It is hard to go with regularity with a newborn and living further away now.  But, we love it!

BB helping me get MV in her gown.  There is a local lady that made this (including handkerchief and bonnet) for a steal.  It is so sweet.  I didn't get too fancy with it because I would like for it to be a family gown for boys and girls.  

MV was an absolute angel.  Of course, she did throw up right before we walked in the sanctuary.  But, we cleaned it off and dried it as best we could.

In her little bonnet
It was communion Sunday.  That was interesting with a newborn but MV slept through it all.  I dipped Brad's bread and gave it to him to ensure no red juice on the gown!

Daddy holding his angel
BB and Nana are enamored
Side view of the bonnet.  The lace matches the dress' lace.

I hate I didn't get a picture of these on her but BB made these for MV and she wore them Sunday.  So stinking cute!

Such a sweet girl.  She slept through the entire ordeal, even getting her head wet.  She woke up when the preacher walked her down the aisle to introduce her to the congregation and for pictures afterward (well, some of them).  Not a peep.  :)

Family of three
With Dr Cash
With the Shinglers and Vansants

Sweet baby girl.  Her hair is getting so light!
With Sela and Damir
With the Shinglers and Filipovics
The Shinglers
The VanSants
Sela and Damir got comfy for lunch.  :)

Mark and Seth (F&B director and Exec chef at work) were so very generous and provided their cooking expertise for the lunch.  We had a shrimp and grits cook-off!  Salad was with a fried goat cheese cake and sherry vinaigrette.  Kids had chicken tenders, mac & cheese and green beans.  Both shrimp and grits dishes were amazing.    Seth's grits were cheesier and served with collards.  Mark's shrimp had this wonderful pepper topping with a creamy sauce.  Oh, we had garlic cheese biscuits too.  YUMMY!

I don't have pictures of any of the other food because it all got gone so fast.

Jennifer and MV
Scoggins and Scott kids at church.  (missing a scoggins twin)

Cake that our friend Carrie made.  Delicious and so pretty!

Mandy with MV

Matt with MV

The crew enjoying the back porch.  Along with family, the Bowens, Griffins, Scoggins', soon-to-be Harisons and Doziers joined us for lunch.  The Doziers are troopers to bring two-week-old Maggie to baptism and Memorial Day!

(Thank goodness these tables were still at the house for Monday's pool party.  We still needed them!)

The experts at work.
Loving on Maggie

We are so thankful to have so many people that love MV and that, I know, will be there for her (and us) anytime we need them.  You guys are the best!

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