Tuesday, June 10, 2014

mary van's in the movies

wow, uploading videos here is a major pain.  but, here they are after hours of messing with it.  i am really trying to keep up with all the pictures and videos of mv so nothing gets lost or missed.  :)




rolling over
(she was not happy about this but I was not going to let her give up!)

blowing bubbles/raspberries


more splashing!

and some cute pictures we have taken lately...

with her new friend maggie.  we wanted to have kate collins in the photo too but she had already left.

first family walk down to the river.  mv was hanging on tight in her stroller.  ha.

daycare sent me this adorable picture of her outside one day

her first dip in the pool on her baptism day

and her first real 'swim' today!

smiley girl.  her nails are crazy long and she is always scratching herself.

in the vera bradley outfit BB got her.  who knew?!

all smiles with uncle adi

passed out in BB's lap (close-up of the vera bradley)

i love this picture.  eyelashes, cheeks, lips - all so sweet...

cute little swimsuit!!

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