Sunday, June 1, 2014


ok, here is the long-awaited post on the house.  it is now officially our home and we absolutely love it!  however, because we are living in it, it is not spotless.  ha.  so please ignore the stuff and hairballs.  and we still need to add or replace several pieces of furniture.  all in good time...

first off, the kitchen.  definitely my favorite.  i set it up so that i could cook on one side of the island and brad could clean on the other.  he loves to clean while i cook which drove me crazy in the old house.  now, it works perfectly.  i have my own sink and trashcan even.  the door to the microwave closes because i can't stand that being seen.  there is a tv over the fridge and we have barstools but those are currently outside.  

i love, love, love my spice drawer!

and the walk-in pantry

the dining room is in front of the kitchen (that's the pantry through the door)
we have a pocket door here in case we want to close it or keep dogs/kids out.

view from the front door.  that's the great room straight ahead.  the dining room is to the right.  i love that light fixture but it is a pain to clean!

i am on the lookout for an antique church pew for the wall to the left.  and i'm getting a slab of cedar from dad for the wall to install some hooks on.

upstairs is the guest bedroom

'junk room' bathroom.  

junk room.  we still need to consolidate and store all this.

storage off of the junk room.  i'm loving all our storage!

guest room bath.  we have linen towers in both upstairs baths for additional storage.

playroom.  still needs to be put together but it will have a daybed, desk and playthings once mv gets older.

this unfinished space is off of the playroom.  this is a closet for when we transition the playroom to a bedroom.

this is a jack and jill bathroom that will connect with the larger playroom over the garage.

this storage space is behind the unfinished closet and bathroom.  for christmas stuff!

future playroom for pool table and game/tv area

storage off of the future playroom

these steps go from the future playroom to the mudroom off the garage

more storage off the playroom

view from the top of the stairs.  guest bedroom to the left and junk room straight ahead

on the other side of the upstairs foyer (to the left) is the playroom

this storage space is in the guest bedroom.  i would love to build this out as a little playhouse for mv.  it is storing the wood blocks removed from our beams and mantels for now.

our breakfast room.  we got this table and chairs from merry's trash and treasure - love them!

laundry room.  it has a sink and tons of cabinets.  there is a small closet on the right and a long folding counter with space for baskets underneath.  the iron and drying rack are in the back.  we installed a small ceiling fan to help dry those clothes.

view from the garage.  the laundry room is to the left.  that is a half bath at 2 o'clock.  the door straight ahead has a pocket door and leads to the great room.  breakfast room on right, kitchen on left.

view from the laundry room.  half bath on the left.  little mud bench by the garage door.  the door on the right goes to the future playroom.  the glass door leads to the back porch and outdoor kitchen.  we love our brick floors.

the great room.  the mantle came from a tree on my parent's property.  and we love our beams in the ceiling.  all of this furniture needs to be donated to the playroom or pool room and we need to buy more for here.  

wet bar under the stairs in our great room.  the icemaker makes restaurant-style ice and brad is obsessed!

hallway to the rooms downstairs

first on the left is mv's nursery.  it still needs stuff on the walls, a rug and some organization.  :)

second on the left is brad's office.  still in progress as well.

straight ahead, full guest bath downstairs.

master is on the right, behind the fireplace in the great room.  we got this bed and nightstands from merry's too.  you'd think i'd make the bed and get the laundry off before taking pictures.  sorry...

solid cedar triple dresser of my grandmother's.  i want to refinish it to match the rest of the furniture.  that door is to the bathroom.

from the bedroom.  my vanity is to the right.  linen closet to the left.  tub and shower straight ahead.

view from our walk-in closet.  brad's vanity on right, mine straight ahead.  glass shower and jetted whirlpool tub to the left.  

view from my vanity.  closed door is to the toilet.  open door is to the closet.  it does have a pocket door.

once you enter the closet, to the right and straight ahead is brad's side. 

through the door and around the corner to the left is my side.  i had these shelves built for both of us to store shorts, pants and shirts.

one end of the back porch.  there is a door to the great room down on the left.  this is where we need the most furniture!  i want a couch and table down near the swing and a large dining table where the wrought iron table is now.

other end.  we have a gas hookup for the grill, sink, fridge and plenty of cabinets outside.  plus a bar.  the door to the mudroom is on the right.  i want more chairs and tables in front of the tv and fireplace.  that cedar mantel came from the thomson property too.

we built a small pool room off the porch (glass door next to fireplace).  i envision using this for kids.  if they don't want to be outside, we can let them play or nap in here without being in the house by themselves.  again, much furniture needed!

it also has a full bath for changing or showering.  no need to go inside while wet!  there is an outdoor shower as well for rinsing off river or pond water before getting in the pool.  or dirt/grass.  :)

the 3-car garage.  we need to add an extra fridge and freezer in here.

view from the driveway.  we wanted to turn it a little more so you saw the front straight-on when you came in.  our lot didn't make this the best decision so you kinda come in from the side. 

front of the house.  we still need to stain the front porch but can't decide on a color.  probably black to match the shutters.  the recessed spot from the front is where the laundry room and mudroom are.

we have ten acres and the house sits in the front middle.  out back are lots of woods and a creek.  we are loving the quiet and privacy!

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