Sunday, August 23, 2015

atlanta with aunt megan and uncle adi

We were able to get to Atlanta in July to see aunt Megan and uncle Adi. Although we knew it would be crowded, we went to the aquarium. This was our first time and we really enjoyed it. I do think some of the observation windows are too small for those big crowds. We will have to go back on a Monday when school is in session and see how much better it is.
Before we left for Atlanta Saturday morning. She was already sleepy!

Large grouper!


Manta ray with whale shark in the background

Manta rays and whale shark

Ditto. This was by far the best exhibit
In the tunnel under the water with uncle Adi
From below

With uncle Adi

Manta ray

With aunt Megan
With aunt Megan and uncle Adi
I love this picture. Sweet baby.
More whale sharks and mantas. They are so large, it is hard to get a good picture of them.


They had a black light exhibit to show bioluminescence. MV was so enthralled with her bright white socks.
Albino gators
More otters. I think they are the cutest.

Beluga whales. They were very entertaining as well. They loved to rub up against the side and blow bubbles.

Sea horses


Starfish of the Alaskan coral reef. Love these colors!
With aunt Megan
He's hard to see but this is an octopus
At the 3d movie. I wasn't sure she'd sit still but she loved it! Giggled at the bubbles and gasped at the things that jumped out at her.
She was not a fan of touching the critters.


Uncle Adi imitating a pirates of the Caribbean character.
She picked out a penguin as her souvenir.
And fell asleep with penny as soon as we got in the car.
Enjoying some margaritas at tacos and tequilas.
Black beans sure are messy
One of aunt Megan's office signs
In aunt Megan's shoes. On the wrong feet.
That's better
Sitting on penny


Such a great visit! Can't wait to do it again!


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