Monday, August 24, 2015

summer 2015

It has been a fun and busy summer.  Good times with family, friends and our little nugget.

Mexican night

this girl loves cheese dip.  don't we all?!

banjobque with michelle and melanie
robert earl keene, leftover salmon and shovels and rope

i put mv down one day in only her diaper because she had been sick and i was sick of laundry.  well, she decided to take it off for me.  thank goodness she didn't get sick.  

little stinker

a friend gave us this little outfit.  even though it's out of season i had to try it on her!

clean baby

i had her in the bathroom with me one morning while i finished getting ready.  she was not happy....

until i gave her a makeup brush to play with

trying on her 4th headband

drums that stay at BB and Pap's.  :)

with ashley and melanie at the greenjackets game


i love this denim and ladybug outfit

she removed the label from one of her sippy cups so i labeled her

so, this is mom's baby picture.  can you believe it?

and here is a photo of me.  (mom was a pregnant nun for halloween)
we have some strong genes huh??

standing over the vent on a hot day

silly child

happy in water

corn on the cob!

this onesie and skirt BB bought MV are precious

child-size couch at daycare

pool baby

sassy face

crawfish that was in the pool!

she loves her big bear!

a picture with levi from thanksgiving that someone found

nana's grandson, roman, came to visit

fishy faces

with papa

these shorts crack me up so i had to give her a headband.  not too happy...

that's better

my minnie mouse

first chick-fil-a dinner with liza and maggie

artist hard at work



what a mess!

at gail's birthday party

i want all the clips in my hair mama

pool lounging in the chair BB made her


berry mass murder

we stopped here in atlanta and i got her a hat.  picture to come

coloring with penny by her side

are you ready for some football?


sitting with her baby doll

wiggle wiggle

skinny dippin' in the country

chucks and bows

what's in there


dinner with the scott's and scoggins' for the boy's bdays

with natalie and martha

these videos are a pain to post so i apologize for the repeats


silly girl

loving BB's blanket
blowing bubbles

blowing bubbles




sleepy baby



soccer skills

soccer skills


arms up
arms up

making fish noises and sliding


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