Sunday, August 23, 2015

family visits

In early August, BB and I took Mary Van to visit family and family friends in the Atlanta and Athens area. We tried to time it so she would nap in the car but, of course, that didn't happen. She was actually a dream considering she hardly slept. But was exhausted by the end!
We met 'Aunt' Bec, Ben and Becca at Cracker Barrel for brunch.
This girl loves her veggies! Tomatoes are her new favorite.

We then went to see Traci, Joel and skylar. Aunt Diane came by as well. These girls were born two days apart, January 10 and 12. My birthday is January 14 and traci's is January 15.
With aunt Diane
With track, Joel and skylar. Not sure where I was looking. Ha.
Mary Van loved this statue and was so surprised to discover it wasn't real.

With BB

We got a hotel for the night and Mary Van had a blast!

Putting on her shoes
On the wrong feet
On Monday, we went to Athens to visit mom's friend, Joyce. We took some great pictures in her neighborhood but none with her. Oops.

Then, on to mema's. Uncle Jeff, uncle Tim, aunt Peggy and steve were there too!
This girl was a limp noodle and staggering on her feet at this point. Falling out of aunt Peggy's lap.
Pap came up to join us too. With uncle Tim and uncle Jeff
Checking out cousin Steve's beard.
With her great grandmother, mema

This child loves dogs!

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ramerson said...

We surely enjoyed our visit! Thanks so much for starting your whirlwind tour with us! Love, Aunt Bec