Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Evolution of the Left Tackle

I have been reading a lot of fluff lately but I did just finish this book and must recommend it to any football fan. This is the story of Michael Oher, a recent first-round draft pick in the NFL out of Ole Miss, who was taken in by a wealthy Memphis family after having no education, upbringing or football training to speak of.

While I found the portion of the book about Michael Oher and his adoptive parents to be a bit much - he is the best athlete to walk the face of the Earth and the Touhys are the quintessential Good Samaritans - his story is indeed remarkable. I was more interested in the actual evolution of the position he plays, left tackle. The left tackle position used to be just another lineman but is now (in most cases) the highest paid athlete in the NFL as he protects the next highest-paid player - the quarterback. Most of this came about due to the advent of the passing game by Bill Walsh and nasty linebackers like Lawrence Taylor. Can you imagine one coach and one athlete changing the scope of football? Enthralling!

They are filming this movie now, starring Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw. I am sure it will be even more grandiose than the book so I doubt I will see it but I do recommend picking this up for a football history lesson and the power of mentors and those that believe in you!

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