Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This past weekend, Brad's sister and her boyfriend came to visit. We had a blast!!!

While I worked on Friday (boo), they played golf at the Ocean Course. Here are the siblings - don't you love the matching outfits? - at the 18th pin.

Friday night, we had dinner out at the Ocean Course at the Atlantic Room. It was amazing and we were treated wonderfully!

Not sure why this is so small. We stayed out at Kiawah in a three bedroom villa to avoid having to drive back into Charleston late. That was really nice!

What is going on with these pictures? Oh well, this one is funny. I walked down the beach to see if I could find any fun seashells and had a rather embarassing moment. I leaned over to pick up a shell and saw something fly down the beach out of the corner of my eye. Well, it was the hook off of my swimsuit and I flashed the whole beach!! It was high tide so it was very crowded. Nice huh? I held it together until I could get back to the crew and Brad took this hook off of one of the chairs and fixed me right up. He's my MacGuyver. : )
I didn't think anyone had noticed until some people started hooting and hollering. I guess it could have been worse - they could have booed. Ha!

This is my favorite picture. On Saturday night, we went back to Bowen's Island for some local, dive cuisine. Here is a shot of us on the dock at sunset. I think the person that volunteered to take this was really short!
Afterwards, we went to Folly to search for this local character that Adi met back in March while in town for a bachelor party. We found him at the Sand Dollar Social Club - a fine establishment with $1 Bud cans. I don't have those pictures but will have to get them - they are fabulous!

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