Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Good Food

The next weekend, Brad came to Charleston. We went to dinner on Friday at Wild Olive. I had been with the girls before but wanted him to try it out. I highly recommend it!!

On Saturday, we went to the beach and took it easy because on Sunday we went to Walterboro to have lunch with my (pseudo) Uncle Joe. He was a friend of Dad's in college and started QDMA, my first employer out of college. Joe and his wife, Donna, hosted Brad and me along with Donna's daughter and her husband and some neighbors. We had an amazing lunch - venison tenderloin, chicken, bacon-wrapped dove, corn casserole and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Of course I forgot to take pictures while inside the house but here is one I found online. : )

They added on to this old house. It is really neat and cozy!

And, yes, he had a welcome fire going for us in the firepot. Despite the 100 degree heat!! Thanks for the hospitality and good eats!

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