Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Father's Day

Finally, new pictures! I went home for Father's Day to spend some time with the family. Here is Shadow in her bathtub. Too funny!

Daddy and I picked some blueberries for a dessert Mom made. Yummy! Several of the dogs LOVE blueberries. Loki is rooting for some on the ground.
Brad came over and we enjoyed beer butt chicken for dinner. Delish!

On Sunday, we went to visit the new Rigsby baby, James Harold Rigsby IV. Little Hal is tiny!!
I was working in the upstate of SC that week so I go to spend Sunday night in Augusta too. We went to see The Hangover. A riot!!

On the way back through on Wednesday, I got to go to my first Scorpions game. Brad is on a team with all his boys and plays catcher. It was not pretty but I will say they were minus several players. They are 2-1 since then!

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