Tuesday, July 7, 2009

God Bless the USA

These are all out of order but it is almost my bedtime so this will have to suffice. Happy 4th!

Brad and Mike being silly and pointing at the fireworks. Love the do-rags, boys!
Mike and Blake.

We try to take SLOW with us on the boat so he doesn't get bored at the house. Megan is giving him a fist-pound here.

The lake is SO much higher this year, thanks to all the rain. It is only a foot or two low now.

The girls. The boys are playing bocce in the background at Atomic Island. (We named it that because it had a rusty hydrogen tank on it!)

Our little sandbar - Atomic Island. It was like being at the beach at the lake. Nice!!!


I took better pictures of these this year than last.

Some of the crew on the boat. Fewer people than years past but that didn't slow us down any!

Brad's boat on the left (the other two are Dozier's). See how much higher the water is than last year???

Brad and I enjoying the breeze on the boat!

Adi with Brad's waterproof radio. Nice!

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