Monday, March 26, 2012

birmingham trip

Last weekend, we were able to get over to Birmingham.  I can't believe it has been almost four years since I have been there! 

We got there just in time for lunch at Taziki's with the Smissons.  I had never met sweet Burton!  He is the cutest thing.  (Forgive the iphone photos, I forgot to charge my real camera.  Dumb.)  So great to visit with Marty and Blake.  It had been far too long!

After that, we drove over to the next village and visited with my Phi Mu lil sis!  Lauren and Andrew lived in Beaufort when I was in Charleston so we hung out there some as well.  They have two adorable little girls that were napping although we did meet their youngest.  Love the Pearsons!

Then, we scooted over to Homewood to meet Ms. Caroline Little.  Anna Cate was working on potty training this darling - by herself, so brave!  So good to catch up and have a glass of wine with AC. 

View of the Big City skyline on the way back downtown. 

We did drive down my old road in Mtn Brook village while there.  This type of duplex is where I used to live...

They have now been replaced by these huge townhomes.  Glad I got to live there while I could afford it!

We hit up Bottega Cafe for dinner.  Man, I miss that place.  Brad couldn't resist the cuban sammy.  With a fried pork cutlet and mortadella, he said it's the best sandwich he has ever had. 

The cafe mac & cheese has always been my fave!

We even saw a little of home on the road.  Actually, I think they were going to an event at the Sheraton as we saw them there as well...

Great pic at the Avett Brothers cancert.  Ha.  They put on such an amazing show.  Love them!!

Sunday, we enjoyed a quick breakfast before leaving town.

Yummy, yummy, yummy.  I had purple grits from purple corn.  I have never not had to season restaurant grits but these were perfectly seasoned from the outset.  Bacon, eggs and toast too.  Brad got biscuits and gravy and hashbrowns.  Mmmmm.
And, the damage.  Wow.

We really enjoyed our time in Birmingham.  I hate we missed the Crunks, Matt and the Adams'.  It is not a place you just 'hop over to' but hopefully we can get back before another 4 years go by!!

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