Thursday, March 29, 2012


This past weekend, we went to Brad's boss' daughter's wedding.  Got that?  It was great to finally meet the Vanns!

At the reception.  Natalie's husband, Preston, is cousins with the Vanns so their whole clan was there too. 

The reception was at the beautiful family plantation in South Carolina.  What a perfect day!

I made a Christmas ornament out of the wedding invitation for Neely and Russell.  I did this for Megan and Adi last year and they both turned out great!  I just cut the invitation into strips and curled each strip slightly.  The most important ones (names, date, venue) I just barely curled so they would be on the outside of the ornament and more visible.  Then, just thread each piece through the opening and swirl around until you like its position.  I tied a pretty ribbon around the top and finished with their initial in metallic paint marker. 

Such a great idea for a meaningful (but easy) wedding gift!

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