Monday, February 25, 2013

nigella's lemon risotto

A friend loaned me Nigella Bites and I have been working my way through it (slowly). 
My first attempt at her food was this risotto
I am a sucker for risotto and don't mind all the stirring.  But, if you are tired and don't have much time, save this for later.  I have never been able to get risotto ready as quickly as the recipe says.  It is usually closer to an hour versus the stated 30 minutes. 
The arborio soaking up all the stock. 

The lemon zest and rosemary that will go in at the end.

The egg, cheese and cream mixture.  I really lightened this one up.  I used FF half-and-half and not nearly the butter she suggests.  It was still plenty rich!

The shallot 'puree.'  I'm not sure why she suggests this versus finely chopping it.  (She does it in other recipes as well.)  The pieces get cooked down so I don't mind the texture and this just requires something else to be washed.   But, if you want, feel free!   *I omitted the celery.*

The risotto finally soaked up all the stock.  I did have to use more than one container of stock.  And I used more stock, not water.

After adding the herbage.

I served it with some roasted asparagus.  Just S&P and olive oil will work.  I did add a little lemon juice and parm to keep the same flavors throughout the dish. 

I was recently introduced to this local olive oil and it is amazing!  We made a dipping sauce for some french bread to eat with this meal.  I love this container of olive oil spices I have.  Publix I think?  Oh, if you want the olive oil, hit up Rivers & Glen in Surrey Center. 

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