Monday, February 25, 2013

super bowl - pickle dip and pretzels

Jay and Beth came over for the Super Bowl so I made a few favorites.
Hard to get parents out on a school night. :)
I actually may have already posted these but here they are again!
Pickle Dip
(this uses the same ingredients as the cowboy sushi but is much easier to do.)
8-12 oz cream cheese
1 package of diced, precooked ham
4-5 large dill pickles, diced
dill pickle juice
Soften the cream cheese and add the diced ham and pickles. You can add/subtract either based on your preference.  Add a little pickle juice for more flavor and to thin it a little.  You will need the thickest ridge potato chips you can find to handle this.
(ok, sorta homemade as you start with frozen rolls)
These do take a little time because you have to thaw, cut and rise the dough.  Then you have to boil and bake them.  But, I promise, it is so worth it. I season mine with a little garlic salt and parm.  I made a cheese sauce but marinara is really good too.

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