Saturday, December 28, 2013

girl's shower

Ok, before things get REALLY crazy around here, I thought I'd update the blog.  I will try to get to all the house, puppy, food and baby updates.  :)

First, the girls hosted a shower for me back in November.  It was at Bee's Knees for brunch - yum!

The crew - Melanie, Debbie, me, Mom, Beth, Mandy, Liza, Natalie, Martha, Michele and Megan.  

We missed Beth, Kathi, Jennifer, Gail, Michelle, Amber, Blake and Allison.  :(

Baby pictures of me and Brad.  I'm hoping Mary Van has hair like I did!  I sure have the heartburn for it...

Mary Van's bedding from Mom.  It's called zen garden and has ferns and dragonflies in yellows, greens and purples.  No pink here.  She won't have a formal nursery until we move in mid-late February.

A blanket Debbie made for Mary Van.  Go Dawgs!

Everyone brought books instead of cards - love that!

Bouncer from Aunt Megan.  Hear these are a life-saver!

All set up for brunch

With Debbie - Nana!

Aunt Megan, Mom (no grandmother name yet), me and Debbie

Beautiful wall hanging from the hostesses.  So my style and sweet.  I cried.  Dang hormones...

Sweet hostesses (also my bridesmaids; just missing Beth)
Megan, Natalie, Martha and Melanie

Aunt Megan waiting for her to kick

With Aunt Megan and Nana

Monogrammed onesie.  This was the first time I had seen it and I loved it!!

High-school besties - Natalie and Martha

This is actually a decent photo of me.  Pregnancy has not been kind to my appearance.  Ha.

Partial group shot - Debbie, Liza, Melanie, Beth, Mandy, Mom and me

Booties that match blanket Mom had already made.  This girl is lucky to have such crafty grandmothers!

Swimsuit from Michele.  This is the back but it is the cutest thing.  Can't wait to get her in our new pool!

Mary Van also got lots of essentials.  So blessed!

With Mom.  

We all had a great time and I am so thankful for these girls and their thoughtfulness!  MV can't wait to meet them all.  

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