Saturday, December 28, 2013


Aside from work, baby-preparing and house-building, here are some other things we have had going on.  :)
Banjo celebrated her 11th birthday in November.  She'll always be my first daughter.  Sweet, sweet girl.
Brad, Dad and Levi went quail hunting last week.  They didn't have any luck but had loads of fun.  Tired Levi and Loki.

Last weekend, we attended a boot-scootin' Christmas party hosted by the Trotters, Dunstans and Rigsbys.  I went for a little while but Brad had the most fun and rode the mechanical bull a lot.  I can't get the video to upload but will work on that.

My last few Garden & Gun food packages.  These are caramels from Shotwell Candy Co (in Memphis I think).  The flavors were salted, beer and pretzels, espresso and bourbon.
Callie's cheese crisps and bloody mary mix.
I also got some coffee but gave that to Dad for Christmas.

Per tradition, we decorated sugar cookies with the Shinglers on Christmas Day.  Here is Mary Van in her monogrammed onesie.  :)
We had smaller Christmas celebrations this year due to my condition.  We spent Christmas Eve day in Thomson with my family and had Christmas day dinner with the Filipovics.  Bill and Debbie were out of town unfortunately.  However, we enjoyed all the time with family and are so thankful for the season and generosity of them all.

At the boot-scootin' Christmas party

I hate to miss a chance to dress up.  :)

My coworkers threw me a shower a few weeks ago.  It was wonderful!  From the back, you can't even tell I'm preggo.  That's one good thing I can say!

MV got lots of goodies for Christmas!  Clothes especially, thank goodness.  Megan and Adi got our family matching shoes.  Brad got some Cole Haans and MV and I got mocs.  So cute.

We have already purchased nursery furniture!  I went ahead and got a full suite so that it will grow with her - hopefully.  The store is keeping it until we move.  She has the convertible crib, double dresser with hutch, nightstand and single dresser.  Yay!

Work shower food.  Yummy!

Work shower gifts.  She racked up on the big items - jumperoo, pack n play and plenty of other essentials.  I will miss my work family but know I will be out there to visit before I return to work in March.

Christmas party hosted by the Bowens, Lawrences and two other couples.  This is one of my favorite dresses and it worked great for the cocktail party.

We did very few Christmas decorations this year (tree, wreath, candles and cards only) due to the wild pup, arriving baby and putting the house on the market.  Plus lack of time and energy.  Ha.  Brad did the lights by himself and definitely had a Clark Griswald moment.  He got them figured out after the third time.  Ha.

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