Saturday, December 28, 2013

sully update

These are going to be all out of order but here are some updated pictures of our growing pup.
A few weeks ago, she got spayed and a 'short toe' that she had removed.  Not a fan of the cone at all!

Scar from the toe removal.  It looks gnarly but has healed nicely. 

Just a little pup.  Banjo was like 'what the hell?'

So little!

She loved to get under the furniture.


Apparently Brad took some selfies with her.  Too sweet...

Out at our land.  She loves getting dirty.


This past week in Thomson.  Brad is trying to get her trained to be a duck dog.  We'll see.

The cone once it was removed.  She was hard on that thing.  So dirty and beat up!

Brad and Sully duffnering

She decided to join me for a nap

Sweet little girl.  Man, don't I look really sick in this picture?  Early on in the pregnancy...

Loves the river!  This is the common lot next to our new lot/homesite.

Her 'short toe.'  I just knew it would get ripped off at the most inconvenient time so we had it removed when she was under for the spaying.  Only $20!  It didn't touch the ground anyway but that caused the nail to get really long.

Sully loves the dawgs too.  Believe it or not, we didn't pose her for this pic. 

With big sis Banjo!  They have gotten good about playing together now.  Banjo gets tired after a while and retires to our room but they love to play. When Sully had the cone, though, Banjo stayed far away.  Ha.

Brad has taught her to high-five.  Let's work on some useful instruction ok babe?

Just yesterday.  So sweet...
Well, that's what she wants us to think. 
A rare sight.  Calm without being asleep.
I will say, I think Sully is more calm and better at obeying than Banjo at this age.  I have always heard chocolates are more hyper.  Might be true.  Or, it might be I raised Banjo by myself in an apartment.  Ha.  Now, let's see how these girls react when Mary Van arrives.  I see Banjo as her protector and Sully as her playmate.

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