Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the shingler games

On Saturday, we hosted the First Annual Shingler Games!  It started as a tribute to the 2012 Olympics but I am sure it is something we will do every year.  The problem is finding a weekend that works for everyone, of course.  May is the best weather but we had to stay away from Mother's Day and Memorial Day.  So we ended up competing with graduations and Blind Willie.  We moved it from 11 am to 1 pm to catch the afternoon crowd.  Despite missing the Lawrences, Bowens, Scoggins', Scotts, Collins' and Griffins (to name a few), we had a blast!

Mike, Brad and Trey playing cornhole.  We also had ladder golf.

Trey brought Hal and Elizabeth by that morning and they were able to test out some of our events.  The bubble gun was a big hit!

They also helped us set up the velcro darts at kiddie height.

Aidan and Brantley sporting some patriotic tattoos.  Love that Aidan wore his London 2012 shirt!

I had good intentions of buying hula hoops and painting them the Olympic rings colors.  But, with work, a bathroom renovation and other stuff, it just didn't happen.  So, I raided the July 4th section at Party City instead.  I will be recycling some of it too at the lake.  :)

I made an errant throw with ladder golf and Banjo retrieved it for me.  Silly dog...

Beth, Allen, Liza and Gail on the sidelines.  

Trey, William, Brad and Allen

Emma Sue trying a fresh-grown carrot!  My garden is right off the deck so I decided to let some folks taste how yummy fresh carrots are.  They can't be beat!

Emma Sue riding Banjo.  I wish I could bottle her laugh; she thought this was hysterical!  Banjo - not so much.  Ha.  But, she was a good sport...

Aidan and Brantley decided they wanted to play in the firepot.  Not sure why but it was entertaining!

We did have some slight drama.  I bought Brad this remote-controlled helicopter (like one we played with at Levi's) and he managed to fly it into the neighbor's yard.  Instead of walking around the block, we broke out the fishing rod to retrieve it.  You might be a redneck if...

Campbell, Aidan and Brantley playing in the Crazy Gecko sprinkler I got at Publix.  Cold water!!

Alyson and Dave

Beth, Michele, Liza and Gail

William with the rescued helicopter

William and Jay brought their yellow labs over to play with Banjo.  This is Jackson Dozier.  :)

Trying cornhole.  I need lots of practice!

(Man, even after losing almost 20 pounds, I still look fat!  I haven't been able to wear these shorts for 2 years!  Must be the puffy shirt - ha.)

Kirk and Sami.  The ice pops in the red tub were a huge hit with the kiddos!  We might have 3 left.

The McKinneys.  (Still can't get these pictures to post right)

Salsa rollups - man these were delish!

Combine 8 oz of softened cream cheese with desired amount of salsa.  (I added shredded chicken too.)  Spread on tortillas and sprinkle with Mexican mix cheese and chili powder.  Roll up and chill until set.  Slice and serve!

Sami showing off her fireworks tattoo.

Emma Sue showing off her shades.

Of course I didn't get a picture of the full spread until it was gone.  :(
I also served:

Cowboy Sushi
Spread softened cream cheese on deli meat (I used ham) and wrap it around a dill pickle.  Slice and serve.
Warning: this is messy but so worth it!

Veggie Pizza
Pinch into one big sheet (or two)  two cans of crescent roll dough.  Bake for about 10 minutes until brown and slightly crispy, let cool.  Spread with 8 oz of softened cream cheese mixed with an envelope of ranch mix.  (It called for 1 c of mayo/sour cream too but I skipped that and, subsequently, should have used less ranch.)  Top with veggies of choice.  I processed some broccoli and carrots and added that.  Cut into squares and sprinkle each with shredded cheddar.  Crowd favorite!

Geez, I used a lot of cream cheese huh?  Good thing it was all low fat or fat free!

The menu also included pigs in a blanket, fruit and cookies.  I thought it was going to be way too much food but it was gone in a flash!

For the adults, I made beer pops.  Just fill popsicle molds with beer (I used Corona Light with a splash of lime juice) and freeze.  Of course, they spilled over so I had to chip it back and reinsert the sticks and all of them (but two) came out okay.  Next time, I won't fill them quite as much.  

Once the kids left in early evening, Brad had to try and outchug Beth.  This girl is good; I have never seen anyone beat her.  And Brad failed again.  Jay sure does look proud huh?

Beth, Jay, Allen and Gail stayed until almost midnight as The Shingler Games became The Shingler Dance Party.   I am sure the neighbors loved that!!  Thank goodness I didn't get any pictures of the dance party.  Gail took plenty but they may never see the light of day.  :)

I couldn't let the kiddos do the tattoos alone.  This sucker was a pain to get off!

I can't wait until we can do this along the river on our land in Columbia County.  That will have to wait though because there are currently no bathroom facilities.  So, for next year, we will be back at Switzer Dr!

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Maricar said...

So fun. I'm laughing at the boys in the firepit and the fishing pole helicopter retriever. I'm going to try some of your recipes. Simple, but perfect for summer ... I'll let you know how that turns out.