Sunday, August 19, 2012

folly and kiawah

Last weekend, we went to Folly with Megan and Adi and their high school friends.  We had a blast!!!  We already had tickets to the PGA at Kiawah on Saturday so it worked out perfectly.  

Adi met this guy on a bachelor party a few years back at the Sand Dollar Social Club and we stalk him every time we are in town.  They nicknamed him the Golden Lion and we have met him twice now (Adi three times).  Too funny!

Adi, me, Brad and Megan on the dock at Bowen's Island on Friday.  We couldn't miss this place!

Megan and Adi at Taco Boy on Saturday.

Adi trying to surf on Friday.  Folly has some pretty decent waves to be in SC.

The group at Bowen's Island on Friday.  Lauren, John, Emily, Chris, Megan, Casey, Nick, me, Brad, Adi (and his corn cob) and Hunt.

Brad with the GL

Hunt's sister, Elle, lives in Charleston so she came out on Saturday to Taco Boy.

Elle with her boyfriend, Benton 

Emily, Megan and me with Hunt at Bowen's Island.
Hunt was the single guy on the prowl. :)

Crew on the beach on Friday

Sunset at Bowen's Island

Foosball at Surf Bar on Thursday night

The leaderboard at the PGA on Saturday.  We sat in the stands on 16 with our old friend Court and his girlfriend Laura all day.  I even got to see some old coworkers.  Love that place!

Levi came out and joined us for dinner on Saturday too!

Our PGA tix

I helped Chris beat Megan and Nick at pool.  Ha, not really.  It was all him.

John teaching Adi the finer points of surfing.

Our street name on the wall at Bowen's.

The crew at dinner at Taco Boy on Thursday.  (We had to go twice because it is so good!)

Jonathan and Ingrid came over from Kiawah to hang out on Saturday too!

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