Sunday, August 19, 2012

megan and adi in atl

Two weekends ago, we went to Atlanta to welcome Adi and Megan back to Georgia!!!  (I am tired of blogging so these are all out of order.)

Adi with Corey and Brad at JCT Bar for pre-dinner drinks. Tony and Brittany joined us later.

The Astros hit a homerun ball right at Adi and he was on TV throwing it back.  

Before Saturday dinner.  

Dental exam at dinner.  Happens a lot with Dr Megan!

Our yummy drinks at JCT Bar.  I had the best mojito ever.  It wasn't sweet at all and was almost margarita-y.  Yum!

Megan and Adi's house in Sandy Springs.  Great area!

Sunday brunch at Haven.

Megan and me before dinner on Friday.

Trout at JCT Kitchen.  Adi had the fried chicken.  Both were divine!

Our dinner place Friday night.  Yum.

(Reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite - La Fawnduh.)

With Liz at JCT Bar.

Liz, me and Megan

Panoramic of Turner Field.  Love going to these games!!

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