Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This past weekend we were in Athens.  Well, I went up on Friday to hang with the girls and Brad came up on Saturday.
 Friday, the plan was to go to the Gym Dawgs meet.  Well, instead we had drinks and apps at April's!!  Ginny, Martha Collins, Hope, April, Katie and I had a blast just hanging out and talking all night.
 On Saturday, we hosted a baby shower lunch at Last Resort for Beth.  We had 10 girls join us to celebrate Harrison's soon-to-be arrival!  Aren't these ornaments Ginny found presh?
 After lunch, Brad and I went to the game with Levi and some of his friends.  Here the cheerleaders are coming in. 
 Beth and Stephanie at the shower.  Yummy sparkling blueberry juice from Trader Joe's!
 Brad and Levi at Normal Bar that night.  We went to Mexicali for dinner - OLD stomping grounds.  :)
 The redone Coliseum.  It looked amazing!  I guess it should for $25 mil huh?
 Dawgs win!  They killed MS State. 
 Cute arrangements Ginny put together for the shower.
 The hosts with Beth.  Ginny, me, Beth, April and Kathryn. 
 The players entering the court. 
 We had a ton of football recruits in town.  All the coaches and recruits were seated to our right.  I am such a dork about this stuff.  Ha!
 Beth with two more Thomson girls - Anna and Hannah. 
April's husband, Thomas, laughing at the wine we drank on Friday instead of going to the meet.  They won without us!

On Sunday, we all went to breakfast at Mema's.  It was so good but I needed a nap.  We watched the Steelers game with Bill and Debbie that night.  Whew, glad they pulled that one out.  Can't wait for Feb 6 now!

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