Tuesday, January 25, 2011


We went to Charleston for my birthday.  It was a blast!

With Elizabeth, Amanda and Candace at Pearlz for happy hour.  It was Restaurant Week so we ate plenty!  We had dinner at Grill 225 in the Market Pavilion hotel - yummers!
For brunch on Sunday we ate at Husk.  This was opened by the same chef as McGrady's.  They use all fresh, Southern ingredients.  It is not as fancy or abstract as McGrady's.  The menu chages daily so check out the website for that.  I have to say, they were a little disorganized for me.  They are still relatively new so maybe that was why.  But, we had the first reservations and we were seated late, they couldn't get the biscuits right and wouldn't serve them and Brad's hash and sausage was burned.  However, I love this concept as it is very simple and local.  So, we will have to try it again.  Mine was delish!!!
The board with all ingredients and their origination locale listed. 
I loved the way theyredid this old house on Queen Street!
The tables were set with dried okra in ground corn.  Ha!
My omelet with amberjack bacon (yes, amberjack bacon!!!!!) and cheese grits. 
Brunch menu.  Click on it to zoom in...
Tulips my sweet hubby gave to me for my birthday.  Gorgeous!

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