Monday, January 10, 2011

brunch recipes

As promised, here are recipes!  I am going to try to link to all if possible.  I am not a fan of typing recipes!

These are made with bacon, blue cheese and pecans so they are almost like cheese straws.  They were a little dry but I will definitely try them again with a tweak - maybe more cheese or butter.  

These were so yummy and gone fast!

This is from Birmingham's Junior League cookbook.  I have been meaning to make it for years and finally did.  It will not be long before I make them again.  These were delish and the hit of the brunch!

 Herbed Cheese Grits Cakes
2 c milk
3/4 c water
1 tsp salt
1 c stone ground grits (slow cooking)
2/3 c freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano
1/2 c unsalted butter
3 oz softened cream cheese
1/4 c finely chopped fresh parsley
1 1/2 tbs snipped fresh chives

Cook the grits in the water, milk and salt combo as you would for Saturday breakfast.  Remove from heat and add all remaining ingredients.  I cut the herbs with my kitchen shears - it's a breeze!  Stir until well-blended and spread in a greased 7x11 inch dish.  Cover and chill for two hours (or overnight) until mixture is set. 

Invert the grits onto a flat surface and cut into rectangles and then triangles.  Melt butter in a hot skillet and saute until brown and crispy. 

*I thought these needed some more salt so either salt grits to your taste before chilling or sprinkle with salt after browning. 

This is one I am sure everyone has already.  This was the first time I had made them (sausage is not my favorite) and they were addicting!!  Cayenne would add a bigger punch - or seasoned sausage.

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