Monday, January 10, 2011


I always seem to think that after football season and the holidays, things will slow down.  Yet, it never turns out that way. 

This weekend, we went to Louisville for Friday dinner, hosted a shower for Blake and Mike on Saturday and visited with the Rigsby's yesterday.  Pictures to come...

We have been holed up in the house today and expect the same for tomorrow due to the snow.

Next weekend, we will be in Charleston to celebrate my birthday.  The next weekend, I will be in Athens for a baby shower for Beth and Brad will be at Mike's bachelor party in Charleston.  Then, we will be celebrating my parent's birthdays the last weekend in January.  Natalie and I are hosting a shower for Martha the first weekend in Feb and Brad is going skiing the next.  I am thinking I will be exhausted and broke and will sit that one out.  (Not to mention skiing ain't my thang.)  The rest of the spring/summer will bring more events for Mike and Blake and then Megan and Adi's weddings.  Brad and I will be going on a 1-year anniversary trip too!!

So, much more to come!

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Fannie Bradley's Mommy said...

I was just about to email you but the last email I have for you is from kiawah....Happy Birthday to you on the 14th. But I am thinking about you today and wanted to go ahead and tell you in case that doesnt happen on Friday, which is quite possible! ha. Have a great one!