Sunday, October 2, 2011

mema's birthday at lake burton

After the game, we picked up Levi and went to Lake Burton to celebrate my grandmother's 84th birthday!  My Dad's family had a house there when all the kids were younger and they love going back for this special occasion. 

Toasting the lady of the hour!  Aunt Kelly (Uncle Stan's wife), Levi, Uncle Scott, Uncle Stan, Mema, Uncle Jeff and me.

Mom and Dad were there earlier but left before dinner.  Uncle Scott lives in Alaska (of which the Uncles say, "where men are men and women are too") and always comes home for this week.  My cousin Amy and a friend were there as well but they are in high school so did not participate in the toast.  :)

The dock had this great little diving area.  Brad always jumps off Dozier's dock during the 4th so he was fooling around out there. 

View from the dock.  It was beautiful but a little chilly!

View of dock from house.


Levi and Uncle Stan watching South Carolina/Auburn.

Mema with Uncle Scott and Uncle Jeff.

Daddy is the oldest of 6 kids born in seven years!  Uncle Tim and his family (in PA) and Aunt Karen and her family (in LA, KY, OR and Athens) were not able to make it. 

The upper deck of the dock has a firepit and the fam made smores after we left.  It was so great to see everyone!!

Happy Birthday Mema!   We love it!

We left Banjo in Thomson on the way to the game so that she wasn't in the house ALL day.  We picked her up at about 11 last night and she slept all the way home.  We were in Brad's truck so she had her front feet on the floor in the back and her head on the center console.  Sweet pup!!!

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