Thursday, October 27, 2011

catching up

Things have been busy lately!  October and November are crazy-busy months for me at work so I have not had much free time.  Brad has been working on his appraiser's license and has been staying up until 1 or 2 in the morning to take his online classes for about two months now.  He only has one test left and he will be licensed!!! 

We are tagging along with Megan/Adi and some friends for a wedding on Kiawah in a few weeks and I am treating him to a stay in the Sanctuary on Thursday if he passes.  This is as much for me as for him - love that place!  :)

I did attend a baby shower for Michelle Collins last week.  She and Steve are expecting little Ann in December.  So exciting!

Also, Natalie and I hosted a party at Swank here in Augusta.  Swank is a cute little store with kitchen items, clothing, well - just tons of great stuff!  If you host a party with ten or more girls, they put everything in the store on sale.  It was so much fun.

Of course, I have no pictures of these fun times.  On Saturday, we are having a party for UGA/UF so I will take some pictures then.  GO DAWGS!!

Oh, also, we are hard at work at finding some land to buy for our future dream home.  Things are looking good but I am keeping that on the DL until it is done.  Don't want to jinx anything.  :)

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